Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kroger Trip Yesterday 11/28/09

I took a picture but don't really know how to get it on here so I may add it later when I figure it out.

I didn’t pick up too much stuff since we still have plenty of ham and turkey from Thanksgiving. I did get several good buys though. I ended up paying $16.14 for 23 items and saved $35.06. Not too bad considering that I got 7 grinders FREE after a sale and a coupon (they were on sale for $1.00 a piece and I had a $.50 coupon that was doubled so it made them free) that would have normally cost $10.53 before tax at regular price. I love playing with those things. I got quite a bit of bread (Kroger brand) because my mother has taught me that you can freeze that stuff!! I got two loaves of bread that tasted just fine, we’re eating one now and the other one is in the freezer. Two packs of hamburger buns all for $.49 a piece and two 16 packs of hot dog buns for $.75 a piece. I always worry about it being soggy or something after it has been frozen but if nothing else, I will fix French toast with the bread and probably pizza breads with the buns. Who knows, but I will use it eventually. Also got some brown and serve rolls. I also got three of the CoffeMate Creamers and a thing of Reddi Whip, (I LOVE THAT STUFF). Some Tyson chicken tenders that we had today in a recipe by hubby Mick that was very yummy, (find recipe below) a lemon to flavor it. Some boneless pork chops and a can of pineapples. Almost forgot, I got some Purex Detergent. My total would have been more but I used a catalina (store coupon) that I earned at my last visit for getting batteries.

Approximately 1 pound chicken tenders
1 lemon
2 cans Cream of Chicken
1 box Elbow Macaroni
Peppercorn Medley (McCormick Grinder)
Italian Herb Seasoning (McCormick Grinder)

Put Chicken in Crockpot. Squeeze lemon over and sprinkle with pepper. Pour several cups of water. Cook on low a few hours. Turn temperature up to high and boil noodles. Bring Cream of Chicken soup to boil then reduce temperature adding seasonings then stir in chicken and noodles.

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